Why The Roof?

In the fall of 2010 I found myself on the roof Christ Presbyterian Church.  The purpose of this adventure was to clean out the drains with one of the saints of the Church, Charles Theis.  (This was actually Charles 80th birthday)  While we were up there Charles had to run and get some supplies.  While waiting for him, I decided to wander up to the “pinnacle” of the Church building.  High up by the cross.  This is a very different view of our almost iconic building.

Normally what is seen is the brick edifice with a large rustic cross atop it.  This is seen by almost 70,000 people a day.  From my perch I saw a very different reality.  I wonder if I was given a quick peek into what Jesus sees.  From up there by the cross I could see so much more than from down below.  In fact as I took a panoramic picture with my new Droid phone I was amazed at how far and clearly I could see.

I hope that through this blog I might be able to share some insights on how we might see things from a new perspective.  Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall off the roof.


4 thoughts on “Why The Roof?

  1. I also asked Charles how many pastors he thought might be on the roof of the church they served that day. He said maybe 10. I asked him… How many are thinking of jumping?”

    • I didn’t even consider that. In fact my first thought was that I didn’t know any pastors, priests or other clergy persons who would be on the church roof.
      The fact that you were and would actually be getting dirty is one of the reasons I like CPC so much. While you are the pastor, you are not more important than anyone else. Pam

  2. Love your outlook on life Geoff… I would have been thinking very similar things.

    There can come an overwhelming sense of peace or overflowing feeling of love in our hearts when we see things for the first time or just in a different way. I have had this experience many times… even in the sunrise on a crisp clear morning on my way to work. It is how we choose to see things that makes the difference. Many don’t know how to view life at all!

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