Unity Overcoming Estrangement (Government Shut Down and World Communion Sunday)

Chidlren of the worldToday we are reminded of the reality of our two citizenships and the struggle between our earthly and heavenly commitments.  Jesus was confronted with this question in Matthew 22 when he is asked about taxes.  Jesus reminds us that God and civil authorities have their claims on us, but we should not forget what part of our life belongs to each.  Current events highlight the struggle to govern and the way that our brokenness has real consequences.  The government shutdown shows us just how hard it is to find ways to find unity in the midst of divergent world views.  Continue reading

World Communion Sunday

World Communion 2013

I want to personally invite you to a special worship service on October 2nd at 11 am. We will celebrate the love God has shown us in our diversity. A highlight of our service will be a special musical offering in Korean by our neighbor church Light Global Mission Church. Everyone is encouraged to dress in clothes that are native to your country of origin. The service will be immediately followed by an international pot-luck. Bring a dish to pass that reflects your heritage.World Communion Sunday 2


World Communion Sunday is more than a show.

Jesus Coat of Many ColorsThis Sunday we will celebrate World Communion Sunday at Christ Presbyterian Church. This is a day that is intended to promote Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation. Started in the 1930s by a Presbyterian congregation, and it has now grown to be celebrated in many denominations in the United States and abroad.

We have been fortunate to expand our World Communion Sunday experience during our 11 am service by incorporating special components into our worship that highlight the diversity of God’s creation while illustrating the unity we have in Christ. We have also begun a tradition of sharing in a meal comprised of dishes from around the world. Continue reading