Our Easter Welcome

     Easter is drawing ever nearer.  As it does, my mind drifts to the reality that each Easter churches through out the world see their attendance rise.  Christmas and Easter are two Christian holidays that are wonderful draws for both believers and non-believers.  I am encouraged each year to see many faces that for one reason or another are often missing.  I used to think negative thoughts about those whom we would often term “Christmas and Easter Christians.”  For many, life is such that regular attendance in worship is a challenge.  It is easy for those who are able to attend regularly to sit in judgment. 

     This year I wanted to shed a different light on the subject.  Continuing the idea from my sermon this past week, I believe that it is high time for our “Christian” communities to start acting Christ like.  Christ looked at the world with a very different eye.  When he saw those who were outside the community, he sought to figure out what was separating them and alleviate that burden.  Each week in the declaration of pardon we hear this echoed, “Who is in a position to condemn, Christ, and Christ came into the world to forgive sinners.”  Continue reading