Led By The Spirit?

Each month the Session of Christ Presbyterian Church meets to conduct it’s stated meeting.  Nine women and men selected “by God through the voice of this congregation” meet to hope, dream, listen and lead.           

I have been involved with Sessions for over twenty years.  I first served as an Elder in my home church at the age of sixteen.  I remember going to my first Session meeting with no illusion as to what we were to be doing.  This was a board that was supposed to make management decisions for the church and we met for the purpose of oversight and budget accountability. Continue reading

The Church: A Place of Spiritual Communion

     Sunday, I preached on Matthew 4 where Jesus begins his ministry in Galilee and calls his first disciples. I hope that the message of finding hope and joy in following Christ in our lives has helped to renew your desire to answer Christ’s call. Personally, reflecting on call has led me down memory lane and considering how my own call to ministry unfolded. The full story of my calling would take much longer than the Tidbits allows and perhaps longer than anyone would really want to read. So I thought I would share one of the key aspects of my call story.

    An essential part of my call story centers around my home Church, Wayne Presbyterian Church, in Wayne, New Jersey. This is the church where I was baptized and attended elementary Sunday school. After a few internal issues, the church found itself in a conflict and my family removed itself from the congregation. Continue reading