Eddie Cochran was wrong there is a cure for the Summertime Blues

    The other day I noticed one of our neighbor church’s front sign which read, “God doesn’t take a summer vacation from you.”  Many of you know that I have a real hesitancy towards catchy signs.  I am constantly worried about the perceptions of those who are driving by and how will they receive the message.  Like all communication signs are a two way street.  While our intention may be to be funny and to catch people’s attention we run the risk that the one who is reading may construe it as condescending or judgmental.  I think that this sign is actually aimed towards those in side the Christian community.  I believe the intention of the sign is to remind people that just because summer comes the Church doesn’t close.  It’s a reminder that our duty and the honor of worshiping God in Christ is no less than during the school year.  Continue reading