Why Can’t I Grow Faster?

As a young child, I was always concerned with the fact that I had a lot in common with Zacchaeus. I was a short kid and really had a hard time dealing with it. As all of my friends grew, I seemed to stay closer to the ground. This was particularly true when my friends hit puberty and shot up, but I just had to look up at them. I was so concerned with this development that I would pester and beg my mother to take me to the doctor to see what was wrong with me. It took until I had graduated from high school be before I reached any true height. Now, I’m right at the average height for American males. Go figure.

While I was in this “crisis,” I never looked at the reality of my life. As my mother and a doctor or two said, “you will grow when you grow and if you don’t there really isn’t much that can be done.” I wanted the latest and greatest growth technology to be used to get me to a respectable height and I wanted it now.

There were two things that I wasn’t considering. The first aspect I didn’t consider is evident by the picture of my parents on their wedding day. A quick look will show that I am from a gene pool that has a deep and a shallow end when it comes to height. Continue reading