What Makes a Good Sermon?

     When I began to discern that I was being called to become a Minister I remember thinking of the many tasks that I would be called upon to do. There were things that I knew I would love doing and things that would come easy for me.
As you may have noticed, I have no problem with actively participating in the fellowship of the church. I’m an extraverts’ extravert. I thrive in settings where I get to know people. I love to meet new people, to hear their stories and learn about their spiritual journey.
     I also love the special honor of being part of peoples most important and sacred moments. It is truly a blessing to visit the sick, dying or struggling. Beyond that it is also an awesome privilege to celebrate with individuals some of the great moments in their lives, as if I was family. The first time I held a families newborn baby in the hospital I knew I was privy to scared ground. Spending time with families at the time of death seems to many to be a daunting task but it truly is a blessing in my life.
     Working side by side with friends in mission is another easy role. It isn’t hard to go and spend time with brothers and sisters in Christ’s service. It’s fun and exciting to go out into the world and do the work of the Christ. Not only do you get a sense of accomplishment, but you also get to see lives changed by your service and the power of Christ.
     The one part of ministry that was the most difficult to picture myself doing was preaching a Sunday sermon. Continue reading