I didn’t know that!

cheap cialis without prescriptionr.cpcfairfax.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/man_question_mark.jpg” alt=”” width=”286″ height=”359″ /> I have to admit that my recent two week vacation was a true blessing. Taking two weeks meant that somewhere in the middle of it I was able to stop worrying about what was being left behind and not worry about what was to come when I returned. As one member of our congregation said, “A vacation is the right length, that when you get back to work you have forgotten the building access code.” This doesn’t mean that I wasn’t concerned and didn’t pray about Christ Presbyterian Church. I kept tabs on things, but tried my best to release everything to God. Continue reading

Why “Do” Lent?

Lent is an interesting time in the life of the church.  It is a part of our tradition that we have only recently been able to appreciate and immerse ourselves in.

Lent is a season of intensified self-examination and repentance. While these practices are part of regular Christian life year-round, we give them special attention during Lent to assure they do not devolve into mere rote activities.

Self examination and repentance aren’t things that we do well as individuals or corporate faith bodies.  The work of looking deeply at ourselves is not comfortable and at times is unrewarding. Continue reading

Listen UP!

     Communications is a critical aspect of any relationship.  When working with couples preparing to wed, I spend part of our time talking about how to improve their communications.  Every relationship is dependent on communications.  Even when a relationship is broken, we communicate that estrangement with the absence of communication. 

     This year one of the pastoral priorities that has been set for me is to increase and improve our congregational communications.  Continue reading