What is Easter? A video reflection

Check out this brief video reflection on Holy Week and Easter I created as a way of sharing a few thoughts on each day of Holy Week including Easter.

A Prayer for Spiritaul Sight… A Prayer from a Pocket Prayer Book

Today as I was allowing frustration over simple and perhaps even trivial things get to me it hit me. I need to reorient my vision. It is so easy to become concerned with the minutia of life. Perhaps this is a good sign. If I can look at the small stuff perhaps that means there are not MAJOR issues that need to be dealt with. On the other hand, sometimes it is easy to turn to the little things and ignore the larger issues. Thankfully, I don’t think I have buried my head in the sand. I’m amazed at how this year Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas are truly coming together early and I have a wonderful staff and a congregation that is taking leadership to thank for that.

Then I must just need to commend God’s view of life and the world to myself and I hope you well. Lo and behold, I turned to the Pocket Prayer Book that I first introduced you to on Monday. Here is a prayer I found:

A Prayer for Spiritual Sight

Spirit of Jesus, make thyself real to us today. W e cannot see thee with these eyes of flesh, nor hear Thee with these ears. But there are other eyes and other ears. Even as Thou didst come again to Thy waiting disciples at Pentecost, so come to us. Our hearts need Thee. Our minds need Thee. Every part of our being needs Thee, O Spirit Divine, live with us today. Amen.

Making and Taking Time To Be With God… Prayer Walking

    As a Pastor one of my continual challenges is making sure that while I am meeting the pastoral and administrative needs of the congregation I am also attentive to my own Spiritual needs. Occasionally I think that some people think that means that I’m not working or putting in my time. This is sad to me because I have seen the benefit of attending to the Spirit as well as the pitfalls of not caring for my own Spiritual well being and am concerned for those in the world who aren’t able to make time for the Spirit. Continue reading

Lord I Lift My Friend to You.

     Recently, I have found myself keenly aware of the struggles that many of my friends, colleagues, and congregants are going through.  Many are experiencing deep valleys in their lives.  I don’t think that this recent spike is actually a spike at all.  I have found that this Lent God has been making me more aware of people’s struggles. Now, I believe that I am a fairly observant and perceptive person but recently I believe that God has led me to moments of divinely inspired vision.  Regardless of the situation it seems that often the only true and reasonable response I can come up with is that, “I will pray for you.”  I have found myself adding a new addition to that response in recent days.  Following the standard “I will pray for you ” I have added, “no really I will.”  Continue reading

Led By The Spirit?

Each month the Session of Christ Presbyterian Church meets to conduct it’s stated meeting.  Nine women and men selected “by God through the voice of this congregation” meet to hope, dream, listen and lead.           

I have been involved with Sessions for over twenty years.  I first served as an Elder in my home church at the age of sixteen.  I remember going to my first Session meeting with no illusion as to what we were to be doing.  This was a board that was supposed to make management decisions for the church and we met for the purpose of oversight and budget accountability. Continue reading