Sunday’s Palms are Wednesday’s Ashes (Originally Posted 2-2013)

Today, I wanted to repost this article on Ash Wednesday from 2013.  Join us tonight for our supper and service at 6:30 PM

   Ash-Wednesday-for-web-2014 I don’t know if many know that I am a cradle Presbyterian. That means I was born a Presbyterian and for the most part have always worshiped as a Presbyterian. Beyond that I was raised in a Presbyterian Church that was influenced by a Dutch Reformed mindset. As such we were less than liturgical. The only liturgical traditions I remember were Maundy Thursday and Advent. I don’t recall growing up with any traditions around Ash Wednesday and Lent in general. That’s not to say they weren’t present, I just don’t recall them being very important in the life of the congregation.
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Celebrating Life (Lessons learned from Ed McFadden)


    Last week I was honored to help lead a “memorial service” for a friend’s father.  I had never met Ed McFadden nor the bulk of his family.  Nevertheless, I was asked to speak the Word during a time of memorial and celebration.  This was not a memorial like most would expect.  While many believe that funerals and memorials are to be times of somber reflection and sadness, the McFadden family wanted to make sure that this was different.  Continue reading