Is God opening a door?

Last nights Ash Wednesday Service has me praying about a sense that the world is seeking out God.  I am amazed at how much I have heard Lenten disciplines come up in conversation, on the radio and facebook.  Perhaps it's in response to the images of turmoil we see each day from around the world.  Perhaps it's a sense that with our economic troubles our sense of worldly security has failed.  I don't know why, nor do I really care. 

I wonder how many others are

feeling that God is providing us with an opportunity to speak a sacred message.   We have been entrusted with a message that will help our family, friends and everyone else find meaning, purpose, and dare we say hope of eternal life.  Lent/Easter is a great opportunity to evangelize and invite.  What better time to ask your friends to experience the reality of Christian life than Lent and Easter.  In just a few short weeks they can experience the deepest reality of our lives through our worship.  Jesus life, death and resurrection come alive in worship at this time like no other time.    This song by Casting Crowns has a passion to it that I believe we are all called to have.  Will you share your experience of Christ with others?