World Communion Sunday is more than a show.

Jesus Coat of Many ColorsThis Sunday we will celebrate World Communion Sunday at Christ Presbyterian Church. This is a day that is intended to promote Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation. Started in the 1930s by a Presbyterian congregation, and it has now grown to be celebrated in many denominations in the United States and abroad.

We have been fortunate to expand our World Communion Sunday experience during our 11 am service by incorporating special components into our worship that highlight the diversity of God’s creation while illustrating the unity we have in Christ. We have also begun a tradition of sharing in a meal comprised of dishes from around the world. Continue reading

Why I Like the Share Button on Facebook

order cialism wp-image-250 alignright” title=”facebook-share-button-580×257″ src=”×257-300×132.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”132″ /> As a Pastor, one of the greatest gifts God has given to me is the web of connections God has placed around me. I have friends and church members in my life that come from all walks of life. Sometimes I overlook this special reality. Being in Fairfax County for over four years I have grown accustomed to having a diverse ministry context. I sometimes forget that it wasn’t too long ago that the landscape that I worked in was predominantly a homogeneous environment. Continue reading

Transformation: Is that just another word for change?

This past week I had the opportunity to spend time with a group of church leaders and to hear Anthony (Tony) B. Robinson. Tony is an author and speaker on the subject of church transformation and leadership. I have been fortunate to hear and read a lot about these subjects. I have participated in a presbytery-offered training group and am active on the Transformation Team of our The National Capital Presbytery. Following the day with Tony, I realized that I have put into action within our congregation many of the theories that he and other leadership types advocate for. I also believe that our congregation has worked to have an openness to what God is doing in our world today.

Transformation is one of those buzz words that is bandied about. As with most language. this one word can mean a myriad of things. I thought I would give my perspective on what transformation is as we speak about it in the context of Christ Presbyterian Church. Continue reading

Eddie Cochran was wrong there is a cure for the Summertime Blues

    The other day I noticed one of our neighbor church’s front sign which read, “God doesn’t take a summer vacation from you.”  Many of you know that I have a real hesitancy towards catchy signs.  I am constantly worried about the perceptions of those who are driving by and how will they receive the message.  Like all communication signs are a two way street.  While our intention may be to be funny and to catch people’s attention we run the risk that the one who is reading may construe it as condescending or judgmental.  I think that this sign is actually aimed towards those in side the Christian community.  I believe the intention of the sign is to remind people that just because summer comes the Church doesn’t close.  It’s a reminder that our duty and the honor of worshiping God in Christ is no less than during the school year.  Continue reading

Making and Taking Time To Be With God… Prayer Walking

    As a Pastor one of my continual challenges is making sure that while I am meeting the pastoral and administrative needs of the congregation I am also attentive to my own Spiritual needs. Occasionally I think that some people think that means that I’m not working or putting in my time. This is sad to me because I have seen the benefit of attending to the Spirit as well as the pitfalls of not caring for my own Spiritual well being and am concerned for those in the world who aren’t able to make time for the Spirit. Continue reading

Listen UP!

     Communications is a critical aspect of any relationship.  When working with couples preparing to wed, I spend part of our time talking about how to improve their communications.  Every relationship is dependent on communications.  Even when a relationship is broken, we communicate that estrangement with the absence of communication. 

     This year one of the pastoral priorities that has been set for me is to increase and improve our congregational communications.  Continue reading

What Makes a Good Sermon?

     When I began to discern that I was being called to become a Minister I remember thinking of the many tasks that I would be called upon to do. There were things that I knew I would love doing and things that would come easy for me.
As you may have noticed, I have no problem with actively participating in the fellowship of the church. I’m an extraverts’ extravert. I thrive in settings where I get to know people. I love to meet new people, to hear their stories and learn about their spiritual journey.
     I also love the special honor of being part of peoples most important and sacred moments. It is truly a blessing to visit the sick, dying or struggling. Beyond that it is also an awesome privilege to celebrate with individuals some of the great moments in their lives, as if I was family. The first time I held a families newborn baby in the hospital I knew I was privy to scared ground. Spending time with families at the time of death seems to many to be a daunting task but it truly is a blessing in my life.
     Working side by side with friends in mission is another easy role. It isn’t hard to go and spend time with brothers and sisters in Christ’s service. It’s fun and exciting to go out into the world and do the work of the Christ. Not only do you get a sense of accomplishment, but you also get to see lives changed by your service and the power of Christ.
     The one part of ministry that was the most difficult to picture myself doing was preaching a Sunday sermon. Continue reading