A Prayer for Spiritaul Sight… A Prayer from a Pocket Prayer Book

Today as I was allowing frustration over simple and perhaps even trivial things get to me it hit me. I need to reorient my vision. It is so easy to become concerned with the minutia of life. Perhaps this is a good sign. If I can look at the small stuff perhaps that means there are not MAJOR issues that need to be dealt with. On the other hand, sometimes it is easy to turn to the little things and ignore the larger issues. Thankfully, I don’t think I have buried my head in the sand. I’m amazed at how this year Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas are truly coming together early and I have a wonderful staff and a congregation that is taking leadership to thank for that.

Then I must just need to commend God’s view of life and the world to myself and I hope you well. Lo and behold, I turned to the Pocket Prayer Book that I first introduced you to on Monday. Here is a prayer I found:

A Prayer for Spiritual Sight

Spirit of Jesus, make thyself real to us today. W e cannot see thee with these eyes of flesh, nor hear Thee with these ears. But there are other eyes and other ears. Even as Thou didst come again to Thy waiting disciples at Pentecost, so come to us. Our hearts need Thee. Our minds need Thee. Every part of our being needs Thee, O Spirit Divine, live with us today. Amen.

A Prayer for Cheerfulness CIRCA 590 A.D.

This past week someone dropped off a few musty books that they obviously couldn’t bring themselves to recycle. So like the unidentified mason jar from the root cellar, Peter Early spoke of

in his stewardship testimonial they gave them to the church. Three of the books were far too gone to be useful and weren’t heirlooms. One little book was interesting. A Pocket Prayer Book from the Upper Room published first in 1941 with the copyright renewed in 1969. Continue reading