Advent Already??

It is hard to believe that Advent is upon us. The name Advent is derived from the Latin term Adventus meaning “coming”. The season of Advent in the church is intended to help the believer become filled with expectancy as we wait for the coming of Christ. As a believer we are called to use this time to rekindle our faith in the promises that arrive at Christmas and to prepare for the coming of Christ.

I’m sure that you’re expecting the usual, “turn from the secular Christmas,” Advent reflection. I have challenged myself this year to try and have a more peaceable understanding of modern Christmas traditions and even try to have a better relationship with Santa. This isn’t because I am willing to surrender to the cultural pressures, but instead I thought this year I would see if I could bring more meaning to our traditions. Continue reading

Do Not Be Weary…

Each week as I prepare my sermon and go through the daily tasks of ministry I am surprised at how I can be surprised by the joyful interruptions. Perhaps it’s a person who drops by just to chat, or a person who ask me to join them for lunch. There are times when this can truly put me behind schedule. It would be easy to bemoan the fact that my plans were interrupted, but usually it turns out to be a deep blessing. I’m sure that all of you have experienced this familiar situation in your life. Continue reading

Sacrificial Stewardship

Monday Musing 11-9-2010 (Yes it came out on Tuesday)

Each fall Christ Presbyterian Church takes time to emphasize Stewardship. Our fall emphasis is centered on the area of financial stewardship. I think that most of us view this like a visit to the Doctor for our annual check-up. We wouldn’t choose to experience it, but we know it’s necessary and in the long run is good for us. Discussion about financial stewardship is awkward for both pastor and parishioner. Continue reading