What Will God Do Next?

As was announced some time ago, we are saddened to lose Barbra Stefan as our Music Director. Barbara has been a blessing to our congregation and under her leadership our music ministry has flourished. Although we are disappointed by Barbara’s departure, we are glad she is going to be able to spend time with her family

If we are being honest we are more than disappointed, we are worried. Coming off such a wonderfully spirit-filled cantata we don’t want to see it all fall apart. Rest assured that God would not let this happen. Over the past few years we have been blessed to hire some highly skilled people to help us in our ministry. Personally, I have been amazed at how God has taken anxiety and trumped it by providing the right person at the right time.

Even still, I wanted to help ease some of the concerns about our music ministry. First and foremost, remember that God has plans for our vitality. We won’t be left alone in this challenge. Secondly, this is not a time for us to reorient our music ministry or make radical changes. We will be looking for someone to continue the hard work Barbara has begun and challenge us into the future. Finally, music will still have a central place in our worship and community.

At our last session meeting I conducted a brainstorming activity with them about this transition. The final words I wrote on the white board, in BOLD letters were, “CHILL OUT”. There is no need to think that this transition is a problem. In fact, we would be more faithful if we saw it as an opportunity. Please pray that God will be ever present in leading our congregation during this time of change. Also, pray that God will lead the person specifically chosen for us to our doors. Finally, pray a prayer of thanksgiving that we have been blessed with the faithful leadership of Barbara over that last six years and that her new adventure will be a rewarding.  

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