Church Assessment Tool and Visioning Update

In October of 2015 our congregation participated in the Church Assessment Tool (CAT) survey.  We had 88 percent of our worship attendance complete the tool.  This is a strong response and has provided us with a valuable and accurate snapshot of our congregation.  On behalf of the Session I would like to thank each of you who took the time to complete the CAT online or via paper copy.

In November the leadership of our congregation made up of the Session and Diaconate met with two “Interpreters” from the presbytery who were trained to help congregations understand the information gathered by the CAT.  This was a great time of confirmation, discovery and challenge.  Following the interpretation the leadership group was asked to spend some time considering the information.

Due to the Advent and Christmas seasons we were forced to put off our first follow up meeting until January 6.  This meeting was intended to provide those who were unable to attend the interpretation with a “mini-interpretation” and to give everyone else an opportunity to once again familiarize themselves with the results.   I’m proud to report that all but one Deacon currently serving was present at this meeting. Over the course of two hours we immersed ourselves in the CAT and had some discussion about the results.  The CAT provides a great wealth of information and the first step for our congregation is to determine what the most important items are.

At the conclusion of the Leadership meeting each person was left with the challenge of personally reviewing the information and identifying what they believe are critical insights.  At our Session and Diaconate meetings next week, we will discuss the places that we believe we need to pay close attention to.  To that end I would also like to invite everyone from the congregation to help the leadership in the process of interpretation.  What is it that you the congregation would like to learn from the CAT?

Our next phase in the CAT process is helping the congregation understand what has been learned from the assessment.  As promised we are continuing to ensure our visioning and goal setting process as a priority.  The leadership of Christ Presbyterian Church is committed to making sure that this doesn’t become just another exercise we complete and put on a shelf.  Please continue to pray for the Spirits leading in our congregation as we look towards the vital future we know God has planned for Christ Presbyterian Church.

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