Holy Cow! Congregation Assessment Tool

September 27th – October 18th

In the next few days you will receive a letter inviting you to participate in our mission/visioning and goal setting activities at Christ Presbyterian Church.  As I introduced a few weeks ago, the first step in this process is a “survey” of our whole congregation.  Rather than inviting an expert in to assess our congregation we are using the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) provided by Holy Cow consulting.  This tool allows you, our congregation, to be the expert on our life together. 
The CAT allows members and friends to provide a snapshot of our congregation.  From your answers given in the tool, a trained interpreter will help us highlight where our congregation has great strength and energy.  One of the things I like about the CAT and Holy Cow’s philosophy is that they are a “strengths-based model.”  Meaning that it helps us identify and build on our strengths as a means for spiritual and numerical growth.  Many other approaches to assessment are based on a failure focus. 
The CAT is also a “benchmarked” instrument designed to provide an in-depth look at the experiences, perceptions and aspirations of a church’s congregation.1  This means that we are not only given a view of our congregation but how we compare to churches like us.  After all, we aren’t the only one’s seeking to be the church to our community in a new a vital way. 
The CAT will help us:

  • Measure the level of satisfaction and energy in the church.

  • Identify the critical success factors for improving organizational climate.

  • Discover where members would like to go in the future.

  • Gauge readiness for change.

  • Uncover potential resources we may be missing.1

In the coming weeks, I will explore each of these areas to help everyone understand why this assessment is useful as we discern God’s will for us in the future.
Right now, I want to impress upon you how important it is that you participate in our assessment.  Christ Presbyterian Church is blessed with a great diversity and we need a wide representation of that diversity in our assessment.  We will be asking everyone who worships with us to complete the tool.  This includes those who are members and non-members.  Also, anyone who has worshiped, participated in a ministry or contributed financially over the past year are needed.  The deeper the pool, the wider our insights will be. 
Also, please insure that you have signed up for our weekly email with a working address. While we will have paper copies available we need to reserve that for folks who don’t have access to the web-based tool. 


1 Taken from Holy Cow’s website:  “https://holycowconsulting.com/cat/”

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