Being Present to Be God’s Presence

As the final weekend of summer comes upon us I hope that each of you found time to refresh your spirit. I know that for some this meant time away from work and the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia.   For others it may have been time spent at home on a staycation. I am also aware that not everyone is able to steal away.

With the fall quickly approaching and school beginning I wanted to remind you of the powerful respite we receive each week. One purpose of worship is that we are able to step into sanctuary and find refuge in God. In the midst of the congregation as we give glory and honor to Christ we also have our spirit refreshed. This summer I have been gratified to see the larger than expected attendance. I hope that this is not only an indication that we are connecting folks with God in our worship but that it is feeding us spiritually.

This fall as we being our full ministry schedule (NEXT SUNDAY, September 13th) I hope that you will consider maximizing your participation in our congregational life.   As our lives return their chaotic schedule and frantic pace it is important that we make ourselves open to God. This may come across as a sales pitch for the church, but this is much deeper than that. Connecting with God and God’s people helps us to be sustained. One aspect of worship that we often forget is that we are truly participants in worship. Even when we have not official “leadership” in worship we make a contribution. That is why it is important that even when we may feel “we don’t need it” this weekend we participate. There may be those around us who need us to be there for them. Yes, your presence in the lives of others as Christ body is a gift that we can give to each other.

  • Do you see yourself as a gift from God to others?
  • What do you need to do to connect more deeply with Christ this fall?

1 thought on “Being Present to Be God’s Presence

  1. We’re all parts of one body! Removing any part compromises the “whole” of the body. This was the “intent” of my daily devotional this morning; and it’s fortuitous that this was published today. The church exists at the cellular level — with every cell being significant to the health of the whole.

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