Commissioned To Service… Commissioned To Prayer

This past Sunday both Christ Presbyterian Church and our mission partner Vale United Methodist spent a significant time during worship commissioning our Mission Team members as they prepare to travel to Guatemala to minister amongst rural peoples. We commissioned not only those who would be packing up and traveling but also those who will support them through prayer. During worship I tried to impress upon the congregation just how important having prayerful support is during such ministry.

Christ Presbyterian and Vale UMC members and friends have given generously of their financial gifts in support of this ministry. Now I want to once again implore you to give even more generously of your spiritual support. This week I ask you tor lift up in prayer:

  • Our joint mission team members
  • Those who help support it from the Highland Support Project
  • The people of the communities that are served during the team’s time in country.

During worship at either church you may have received a prayer card with a name on it during worship. Please take serious the opportunity and responsibility to pray in earnest for that person. Your also invited to pray for the other individuals of our team by name:

  • cpc misison team Vale Mission TeamVelma Armijo
  • Gabby Armijo
  • Karen Cheslock
  • Marilyn Dorn
  • Susan Ferguson
  • Kim Ferguson
  • Sherry Olson
  • Mark Plecity
  • Ian Plecity
  • Katie Simi
  • Harriet Tobin
  • James Whalen
  • Susie Twedt
  • Rebecca Twedt
  • Deb Cohen
  • Andy Cohen
  • Elizabeth Cohen
  • Joshua Cohen
  • Laura Clark
  • Bill De Bois
  • Shira Goodfellow
  • Ebony Mitchell-Goodfellow
  • Sarah Kearney
  • Meghan Kearney
  • Bryce Kearney
  • Andy Sigle
  • Carlie Sigle

Don’t forget you can follow the Mission Team’s ministry at: or FACEBOOK

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