New Ways of Communicating (Tuesday Tidbits 3.0)

     After a long summer hiatus I am returning to writing a weekly article to share with the world. It has been affirming to have folks ask when I will be writing again. I took a break from writing for a reason. A wise person knows when to step back from the demands of life when even the most positive things get to be a burden. While I have always enjoyed sharing my thoughts on life, Scripture and faith with you it isn’t always easy. I try to make every sermon, conversation and writing, personal which means that I include part of my spiritual self in each of them.Views header
There is also the reality of time. Upon reflection, I noticed that Karen, Barbara an I have spent a great deal of time developing a weekly publication that expresses the good things God is doing through Christ Presbyterian Church. Our whole congregation is excited to affirm all that God is doing with us as the Body of Christ. Yet, it takes a lot of time to produce such a publication. Couple this with the fact that large emails to multiple addresses trip spam controls we have had a lot of energy being spent on this.
This week marks a new way of sharing our thoughts and event’s. Each week we will send out our subscriber based bulk e-mail. This email will include new or highlighted announcement and links to a PDF copy of our Sunday bulletin which includes all of our announcements. We will also include introductions to articles written by Pastor Geoff and Barbara with links to their blogs. This not only makes it so that our emails will be free from spam but also allow for sharing with friends through email and social media.
This information will also be sent by postal mail to those on our mailing list that don’t have access to email. We will also have a few copies available in the Narthex. While we know that this is a change in the way we have grown accustomed to over the past few years it will in the long run ensure that we are able to communicate effectively and in a timely fashion without the work of duplication.Music notes header It will also increase our web presence. Barbara’s blog has been set up at I have also made a change to my blog. The official address is now, The use of blogs allow not only for sharing but discussion. Barbara is one of the most theologically thoughtful Musician I have ever met and I hope that through her blog people are able to engage in meaningful conversation about the role of music in our spiritual lives.
Of course as with all change there will be growing pains. I ask that you be patient and grace filled during this transition. I am personally excited to discover how our weekly “announcements” can become a source of discussion and spiritual growth.

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