Flat Jesus’ Excellent Adventure

Flat Jesus IconSummer is a time of unique opportunities to travel, do different things, and see different people.  This is a great blessing, but it often means our church family is a bit disjointed and does not see each other as regularly.  To help keep us connected, this summer Christ Presbyterian Church is going to have its very own excellent adventure featuring Flat Jesus!

If you have spent any amount of time with a child who is an early reader, it is likely you have heard of Flat Stanley.  As a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or neighbor, you may have even been asked to participate in taking some pictures with this adventurous paper-based character (based on the book series by Jeff Brown).   Our adventure will take a similar path.

The basic idea is that members decorate a picture of Jesus to take on their summer adventures – be it near or far (and it does not have to be ONLY children!).  Members take pictures of themselves standing with Flat Jesus in places they visit and things they do, and share them with the congregation.

Here is how is works:

1)        Download the Flat Jesus template by clicking above – decorate it however you want – click here to go to the Christ Presbyterian Face Book page and see a VBS themed Flat Jesus sample!

2)        You can decorate as many as you want – use one for yourself and you can return extras to the church for others to use (we’ll laminate the ones we get to extend their travel life expectancy)

3)        Take your Flat Jesus with you on summer adventures!  Leave him in your car, take him to the park, pack him in your suitcase.  Where ever your travels take you!

4)        Take a picture with your Flat Jesus!  Post the picture to the church Facebook page, email it to the office, or bring in a copy and we’ll post in on the bulletin board.

Flat Jesus is a great reminder that Jesus travels with us everywhere. It’s also a reminder that your church family is praying for you and looks forward to hearing about your adventures – wherever they may take you!

Today’s blog post is by guest blogger Sue Ferguson.  You can read her blog at: http://suerunningonfaith.blogspot.com/

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