September Chapel Description Time Links

September Chapel Time Description and Links:

    Today your child participated in our monthly Chapel Time.  The goal of our chapel time is to introduce the children to the basic concepts of the Christian faith and practices.

    Our intention is not to convert your child or indoctrinate them.  Rather, we seek to share with them, stories that can instruct them regardless of their religious affiliation.  As with our overall preschool program, we hope that this time will help them become loving and caring citizens of the world.

    Our subject for chapel time this month was the story of creation found in Genesis.  For Christians this is a story about how all of life is of and from God.  Important in this story is that God chooses humans to be special in the creation and created in the image of God. 

    Care has been taken to allow for interpretation at home as to how this Biblical story interacts with other views of creation.  I encourage you to talk with your child about how they are special creations of God.

Click here for the handouts from September Chapel Time Handout

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