Yes To VBS…

As you read this, Christ Presbyterian will be in the midst of day two of Vacation Bible School.  So far the program is a splendid success with lots of fun and excitement filling the church.  This year the theme is centered around New York City and we even have superheroes. I have already expressed my love for VBS and why I think it’s such a great program.  Today, I wanted to reaffirm the things I have said.  Even though I needed to take a nap following yesterdays’ session  I felt extremely blessed for all that was happening.

The other day I was asked by someone why we don’t charge for VBS and if anyone can come.  This question reminded me of another aspect of VBS I love.  VBS at Christ Presbyterian Church is truly an offering and outreach.  We don’t charge for our VBS because we want to offer our community a gift.  We want to show the radical hospitality, that we so often speak of, in real and powerful ways.  Telling people, “Ya’ll come!” is a powerful embodiment of how Jesus receives the world.  Could we charge for VBS? Yes.  Could we offer fewer spots and make it easier on ourselves? Yes.  We could do this, but we would miss a great opportunity. 

I also love that we have made our VBS an opportunity for evangelism.  We do more than play and babysit.  Christ Presbyterian’s VBS is intended to introduce the children to the love of God in Jesus Christ. 

This year our theme verse is:“So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the message about Jesus Christ. So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Romans 10:17

We are blessed to be entrusted by parents to be those who speak the sacred stories to their children.  I am thankful that in everything we do during VBS, we are seeking to share the Word of God.  Often times it is hard to tell if what we are saying and doing is getting anywhere.  Are the children actually hearing anything we are saying?  The work we do during VBS could be compared to a worker in the field.  He plants but may not take part in the harvest.  We may never know what fruit the seeds we are planting this week will bear.  Our task is to plant.  God will care for the children and make the fruit of faith come into their lives. 

Vacation Bible School is truly one of those “ take the risk and let God handle the results” ministries.  I am thankful that God has led so many children to our program.  I’m also thankful that God has provided faithful witnesses to speak so that the children may hear.  

I would like to invite you to participate in a new way this year.  Even if you weren’t able to be part of the week, you can be a coworker.  We need a group of people to help us make follow-up calls to our families that participate in this weeks Vacation Bible School.  Those who volunteer will be provided a script to invite participants to our celebration worship on Sunday morning.  If you are interested in helping to make these calls, please contact me at 703-278-8365 or