Words Fall Short

Today, I find it hard to put into words the reality of what God has done in the Resurrection.  Following an Easter morning filled with great Spiritual reality I feel like my words are all small and fall short of expressing the joy that I believe we have in the resurrected Christ.  So rather than trying to string words together I thought I would share the images below as a devotional experience.

  •   What do you feel when you look at the various depictions of Jesus’ resurrection? 
  •  Which images reson

    ate with you? 

  •  How are you going to respond to the love and grace that God has shown you as depicted in these images?

 (Click the image to view it in a larger format)


1 thought on “Words Fall Short

  1. I feel sorrow for what happened to Him, and responsible as a sinner. I also feel very humble because I can’t imagine being able to do what Jesus did.

    What He did is astounding and shocking. The bottom left picture represents this to me. The picture on the right in the middle is the image of Jesus I hold in my mind.

    I haven’t formed an intention on how to respond to God’s love a grace, but, I intend to.

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