Slow Fade… The Reality of Sin

    On Sunday I challenged the Members and friends of Christ Presbyterian Church to examine their lives this week. I called upon them to reflect on the sinful nature of their lives.  This is not a popular exercise in our culture.  We spend a great deal of time and energy making ourselves feel good about ourselves.  To delve into the sin side of our life is depressing and counters the “power of positive thinking” culture we have established.  I asked folks to be honest with themselves.

   I wanted them do commit to this exercise for a positive reason.  I don’t want to be the preacher that beat up people for their sin

.  I believe that we often gloss over our sin in order to move right to feeling good about ourselves.  The fact of the matter is that we are sinners and God I the one who establishes us as Holy.  No matter how much we try and hide from our sin it is there.  This is the power of God that is being displayed this week.  I know some of you might be sick of Casting Crowns but I think that this song and the video that goes along with it displays just how easy sin enters into our lives and how simple it is to sin.  Most of us are in a Slow Fade….


2 thoughts on “Slow Fade… The Reality of Sin

  1. Never sick of Casting Crowns! But I will say that of all of their songs, this is the ONLY one I often skip on Altar and the Door. Mostly cause it’s so depressing – and true. Hits esp. close to home with so many friends who have families crumbing.

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