Bigger Fish To Fry

In Worship on Sunday, January 23, 2011, I spoke about looking at our calling from God as a blessing and about celebrating what we gain rather than looking at what we must lose to follow that call.  It is critical that we find ways to view what Jesus is doing in our lives as positive and filled with hope.  Often we focus on having to make sacrifice and while this is part of our calling to do so exclusively does a disservice to the wonderful blessings of Christ call in our lives.

Justin Roberts ( is a children’s musician that has produced two CDs that are based on the stories of the Old and New Testament.  Below, I have set one of these songs, Bigger Fish to Fry to images of calling.  I hope that you will listen to the song and contemplate the tone and message of Justin’s song.  His interpretation is all about excitement about Jesus calling.


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