Evangelistic Caroling

     This year following two significant studies, that were intended to foster both evangelistic fervor and a sense that the church exist as more than a sanctuary for those who know who Jesus is, we decided to take our show on the road.  A evening of caroling in one of our local neighborhoods with the intention of not only spreading some Christmas cheer but also to give invitations to our congregations worship was planned.  I have to admit that I was both excited and shocked by this development.  The excitement stemmed from the fact that I have been working with our congregation to be more intentional about faith sharing and invitation.  I was shocked because I have never been fully confident that I have done a good job at conveying this spiritual discipline nor did I think too many folks were really listening. 

     Low and behold, like a Christmas miracle the idea was born and the call for singers was put out.  Now, only a few days away from our scheduled event, rain is predicted.  I assumed that this would be the death of this risky ministry opportunity.  It seems that it’s easy to cancel things, especially when they bring us into a risk taking posture.  Nevertheless and in spite of my negative expectations a backup plan was birthed. Perhaps inspired by the video below the response was, “We’ll go to the mall.”

     Only by the Spirit’s leading can we be so bold.  Only a passion for sharing the divine love of God in Christ can lead to radical shifts in our life.  We live our lives in a continual season of Advent.  Every day is spent waiting on the Lord.  It’s moments like this that I become conscious of the fact that Christ is far more present in our lives than we expect and realize.   Please pray for our carolers, that they may “make a joyful noise unto the Lord” and witness to the power of Christ in their lives.

*Look for an update on how things go next week*



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  1. That is totally awesome! I feel compelled to share something I read just this morning – as it’s a great witness when folks are taking words like this to heart and putting in into action!

    “BE WILLING to go out on a limb with Me. If that is where I am leading you, it is the safest place to be. Your desire to live a risk-free life is a form of unbelief. Your longing to live close to Me is at odds with your attempts to minimize risk. You are approaching a crossroads in your journey. In order to follow Me wholeheartedly, you must relinquish your tendency to play it safe.”

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